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Westnet is a Perth-based Australian telecommunications company providing broadband ADSL, broadband ADSL2+, satellite broadband, dialup Internet, telephony and web-hosting services to homes and businesses across Australia.

Westnet harrases former customers by not honoring the canceled subscription and won't erase customers from the database

"I changed from Westnet to another provider late for in 2017 and recently I have received SMS, phone calls and mail at home advising services will be suspended if I do not pay my account of approx $26. I have contacted Westnet and advised. I have been assured that the situation has been rectified and I would no longer be harassed but guess what it has started again. Hi, Westnet please cease with your harassment as I do not owe you money. I paid the final account in full back in 2017 when I changed the provider. Please delete me from your database."


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Director of Logistics and Inventory (Former Employee) says

"There are several hardworking and dedicated employees. There are several areas that need investment and attention to maintain the growth goals for Westnet."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Very unstable company without clear leadership in future business. They are very experienced in engineering. They lack communications among all employees, so most people always find themselves surprised with sudden changes.Occasional free lunch.No leadership."

Electrical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Learned about fire stations and dispatch centers. The co-workers were very enjoyable to work with! Very high demand for schedule deadlines to be met."

Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"Patrolled computer business complex grounds and monitored lobby sign in and out to maintain building safety and security"

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